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Free place your banner here

free place your banner here

put your banner here, it's free. why i give this service..?because I want to provide services to the visitors of this blog faithfully, so that the blogger can increase web visitor traffic.

term of service

1. Banner 150x80 px
2. format banner: gif and jpg (animation allowed)
3. only web business or blog can put banner here (web referral or the like is not allowed)
4. sent your link banner code to bannergratis@gmail.com or your comment here with your link banner code

<a href="http://ruanglink.blogspot.com"><img border="0" width="200" src="http://i41.tinypic.com/25ewy6p.jpg" height="50"/></a>

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Rss feed link exchange

Rss feed link exchange

I give the title is as above, try to experiment. Rss feed what is? RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.

most people who access the blog aims to find information, not to be by many graphic. therefore, I want to try some tricks to increase visitor traffic to our blog RSS feed link exchange.

people often know each other banner exchange to increase traffic to their blog visitors. But with many a banner or graphic on our blog, we will make the blog will be slow to access in

hm, one way is to exchange my RSS feed link. the trick is the Blog I will get more traffic visitors and who's a Blog install my link RSS feed will be in easy access.

Why RSS? Benefits and Reasons for using RSS

RSS solves a problem for people who regularly use the web. It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in. You save time by not needing to visit each site individually.

ok, now..if you want to RSS feed link exchange to us please put our RSS feed link on your site and i will put your Rss Feed on my site.

note: Only show 3 Item post per Rss Feed OK..:)

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Display More Targeted AdSense on Your Blog content

Display More Targeted AdSense on Your Blog content

how many blogs have you come across where the AdSense advertisement is not at all relevant to the blog’s theme or content? Some of them are actually pretty funny if you read the ads. Here’s an ad that actually showed up on ruang link next to one of the template pages.

Can anyone tell my who would be interested in buying “instant message” from a site that provides link exchange and other resources for bloggers? Now, if the template page this ad was on was related to nature or birds, then that would be fine. That wasn’t the case though for this page.

But why not give Google AdSense some guidance now as to what parts of your page it should create these targeted ads from? Well, now you can with Google’s Section Targeting feature.

Google’s Section Targeting allows you to suggest sections of your blog posts and HTML content that you’d like them to emphasize or downplay when matching ads to your site’s content. By providing Google with your suggestions, you can help them improve your blog’s ad targeting.

you’ll need to add a set of special HTML comment tags to your blog template code. These tags will mark the beginning and end of whichever section(s) you’d like to emphasize or de-emphasize for ad targeting.

The HTML tags to emphasize a page section take the following format:

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->

<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

You can also designate sections you’d like to have ignored like your navigation, sidebar, or anything that’s not worth targeting by adding a (weight=ignore) to the starting tag:

<!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->

<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

It can take at least 2 weeks before Google crawlers figure out the changes you’ve made and update your AdSense account. Some sites might not even notice a difference because the ads were already pretty well targeted in the first place.

Here’s what your updated code should look like:

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->
<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

Some people also want to setup Section Targeting for their blog post titles which is fine as well. You basically do the same steps shown here but for the <data:post.title/> tags. There are usually at least two so make sure you wrap them all if you decide to make this change.

Save your template code and load it back into Blogger. Look at your blog and view the page source. You should now see these Google AdSense tags in your code!

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Five steps to become a success in viral marketing

Five steps to become a success in viral marketing

Viral marketing, you may already know these terms. Viral marketing is a marketing strategy such as a virus "infection" with one another.

Marketing is a virus, such as inverse of the standard methods of promotion such as TV ads and Banner web where consumers are only slightly entangled talk.

The companies believe that their product Viral marketing can prove this method dibading more effective form of banner ads and web interuptif.

These five steps to success in viral marketing:

Five steps to become a success in viral marketing

1. Strengthen bidding. In order for marketing such as viruses (viral marketing) work, bids must be strong. This often means giving something for free.

2. Easy for the "infection" to one another. Line of text at the end of each email message containing intruksi simple to get the service. Also, because the instructions appear automatically, do not need to have a business to spread the virus.

3. Target the most influential. Identify the most influential person is required to generate publicity. Moderators forum, and e-zine editors tend to have a wide range.

4. Give information. The information has made reasonable value far greater than in any marketing messages that are considered good.

5. Get permission. When the target database for the consumer launch campaign virus, need to ensure that each recipient has been "agree" to receive any marketing material.

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Adding Adsense in a single post

Adding Adsense in a single post

This trick may be you already know, but I try to write back again. You already know how to display adsense in the post, now I try to give a few tips how to display adsense into post, but on a single post only. Before you already know that display adsense in the post will improve the CTR (click through rate) that will more generate income adsense to you.

well now that I want to share is, how to display adsense in the post only on the posting of the selected course, adsense will not appear in the main page (home page) and pages in the archive (archive).

Well if so, we further tips that hopefully useful to all

Showing Adsense In Posts On A Single Post

I didn’t want this ad unit to appear on the home page or on archive pages.

It would be easy enough to do this in WordPress / PHP, but I had no idea how to customize a Blogger template. I consulted Blogger’s Help facility and found a list of Layouts Data Tags, which let me see what could be done. Despite the options being fairly limited, I found the answer I needed: The pageType tag, which can have a value of ‘item’, ‘archive’ or ‘index’.

My XML coding skills are a little rusty, but thankfully it wasn’t hard to work out how to include some HTML based on the type of page:

This says: If it’s a single post, include the HTML (obviously you have to put it in). So single posts (pageType of item) will display the HTML, but the home page (pageType of index) and archive pages (pageType of archive) will not.

Applying this to our Adsense problem, here is the full code you need (with the publisher specific information removed). Use this instead of the code in the Adsense Within Posts section above. The first and last lines should already exist in the template, the rest is what you’re adding.

Of course, this means that only two Adsense units will be shown on the home page. If you’re doing things properly, most of your visitors should arrive on single posts, via the search engines, so this solution’s good enough for me.

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Thousand Visitors every day

Thousand Visitors every day in your blog

If you hope to get a load of returning visitors, you have to have content that people like and tell their friends about, and keep updating it with new things that make people want to keep going to it, and it’s gotta look good.

try this trick...!!

1. Link to other pages, and have them link to you.
2 Use relevant META tags for keywords and description
3. Submit the site to free traffic building:
- Free Blog Visitor!
- Traffic link
4. Announce your website in many online forums.
5. Register your url with google and as many other search engines as possible.
6. Update your site often to have repeat visistors.
7. Do a search on google, then at the bottom of the page is “Disatisfied with results? Help us improve” link. Just fill out the info. and the spiders will go to your site.

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Improve your blog to a top rank in google

Improve your blog to a top rank in google

I try to search in google about how to improve the quality of our SEO web, and the results I found some tricks that are useful for improving our ranking in the google web

Before I tell you how, let me give you a quick lesson is search engine optimization (aka SEO). There are two main components: “off-page” and “on-page” optimization. “Off-page” SEO refers to tactics such as link building. The more websites that point their links to your blog/website, the better. It’s a democratic way of showing Google that your site must be important if lots of people are pointing to it. Even more important with “off-page” inbound links is the actual link text (anchor text) that is used to point to your site.

So with “on-page” SEO you have complete control over how well you’re optimized for Google. This includes keywords in your post titles, title tags, using header tags (h1, h2) and other tactics. Now the one we’re going to focus on in this article is the blog title tag.

Title tags are one of the most (if not the most) important “on-page” elements to ranking high in Google. Search engines such as Google weigh the importance of each word in the title from left to right. So ideally you want your blog post title all the way to the left and your actual blog name to the right. Below is a perfect example of how this should look.

Blogger templates by default don’t come with search engine optimized (SEO) title tags meaning you aren’t maximizing your blog to rank better in Google. If you take a look at your existing Blogger title you’ll see that blogger displays the blog name first then followed by your post title. They have it backwards so let’s get your blog setup properly.

ok let's GO....read step by step ok.. :)

1. In the template code, do a search for this:

2. Replace that bit of code with the following code:

3. Save your template and go back to your blog. Click into any individual post and look at the page title.

your individual page title now better optimized to rank higher in Google.

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Trust rank and page rank with link exchange

Trust rank and page rank with link exchange
by Nickolay Bokhonok

Link exchange and its success are bound by the rules that are set by search engines. On the surface everything is simple - they say to exchange links with relevant sites and you will succeed.

But if you dig dipper, you will see that relevancy is a tricky issue. And definitely search engines can't rely on it - otherwise they can be in big trouble. Understanding this search engines tend to introduce more factors to quality the links. And this is the topic of this article.


Let's handle the relevance of sites first. Ok, you have a forex brokerage site and link to forex trading system site; everything is good and clear for search engines. But life is much beyond simple relevancy of niches. For example, you have a business training site and part of the info you want to share can be yoga site that teaches people to get rid of stress. Is it normal for your business? Surely! Stress is part of the business and knowing how to kill stress is very helpful, and it definitely is very logical to give your site visitors a chance to learn that as well. But business and yoga/health are absolutely different niches. And I am not sure search engines with the help of their automated algorithms will get much into the details of your site. They can think "business and yoga, hmm" - do YOU know what decision they will take? I don't, because cannot talk on behalf of search engines.

My example with business & yoga was just an example. I am sure if you think of it, you will find thousands of other examples when everything is logical, but dangerous in the terms of usual relevancy.

Surely the tech gurus from Google and other search engines also know that. And I am sure they smart, because seems that they don't rely on relevancy only with qualifying link exchange to be good or bad.

This is when we come to new trend rumored by around Google.

Trust Rank.

What is it? Something new? Well, no one can say if it exists in reality, but rumors and proofs speak for it. So, seems like Google has given to the line of reputable, famous sites an extra status of being trusted. These sites have good history and provide quality info. Google is not naming these sites (it will kill the whole concept), but getting a backlink from these sites, even if the site is not relevant, will not cause any problems.

This sounds logical. Think of it, if USAToday.com links to site about shoeshine with news about it - no problems I think. Surely news site and shoeshine site are not the same niche, but USAToday.com is a trusted resource.

Another example: I adore Answers.com - very good service that I use daily. When you search for some words, together with perfect explanations (that's why I love this service!), they also serve Sponsored Links. And these links are very often not relevant. I remember searching 'patronage' and saw a dummy, automatically generated AdSense site with NO content, just Google boxes in the center and automatic phrases with this word in left column. They change these sponsored links all the time, but reloading page for a number of time showed: directory for wedding dresses, buttercup's boutique, etc.

Not a glimpse of relevance. Still, answers.com don't suffer from linking to irrelevant sites. I don't dispute the way this service makes money; the core of the service is super and I don't care for the rest. But if Google would be automatically penalizing for irrelevant linking - that will be a problem for answers.com - and they exist successfully.

Why? Because Google and other search engines understand that answers.com is a great service and this service helps Internet searchers to find good info. So, they trust this service and give bigger freedom in other things - it's normal.

So, we are coming to a new factor - trust rank which is also very important in link building. And I can suggest that getting backlink from irrelevant, but highly trusted site is not a problem.

How to find a trusted site? Can't give you exact answer. But you can use the same logics of search engines. If you see this site has long Internet history, site provides very good info in its niche, has many pages indexed - go ahead to get your backlink on it.

Page Rank.

Many webmasters say that Google Page rank is a waste. I don't think so. Otherwise people will no be paying big money to get a backlink from PR 7 and higher pages. On the other hand, I understand that Page Rank has become a big target for manipulations.

That is why for me Page Rank is not a decisive factor in the questions of exchanging/not exchanging links with a site. If I see a fresh site with PR 0, but I see this site has a good offer and this will do good to my site visitors - I link to it. Who knows, maybe with time I will be thanking the sky for the idea to look to this site when they reach PR 10 ;) Good site means good traffic means - I win. Plus good site is very likely to become trusted, if its owners will not junk their link building.

What to trust?

My experience says - keep the eyes opened. If you work with the content on your site, if you don't speed up on link building, if you don't feel greedy - you have a bigger freedom. Instead of being afraid of relevancy, you have a bigger field to play.

And stay reasonable. If it gives real value to your visitors - you will benefit.

free tool here

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earn money from backlinks.com

If you have web pages with PageRank and would like to sell text links on them but don't have the time to do it yourself, BackLinks.com now offers a service where we will find buyers for the text links on your web pages, manage the link inventory and process payments. Each month you will receive a payment from us for 50% of the revenue generated by the text links on your web pages.

This service will allow you to generate revenue from your web pages with no additional effort. In addition, you may sell text links on any web pages, even if you already have other text link ads or contextually served ads such as Google Adwords and Overture (Yahoo Search Marketing) ads. This allows you to maximize the revenue generated by your web site.

You will have the ability to filter the types of text links which appear on your web pages by approving the categories you want. In addition, you will be able to customize the look and feel of the text links on your web pages such as font size, color, etc.

You will be paid the following monthly rates for text links. Rates are paid per month per text link.

PageRank (PR) 1 homepage $.50 , subpage $.50
PageRank (PR) 2 homepage $1 , subpage $1
PageRank (PR) 3 homepage $2 , subpage $1.50
PageRank (PR) 4 homepage $3 , subpage $2
PageRank (PR) 5 homepage $4.50 , subpage $3.50
PageRank (PR) 6 homepage $12.50 , subpage $10
PageRank (PR) 7 homepage $30 , subpage $25
PageRank (PR) 8 homepage $75 , subpage $50

Register for a Publisher account today!

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Link exchange

Professional link exchange service for those who would prefer manual link exchange and are very selective about who they link to. add your link here, it's free. You can get our link sxchange service free.

In this blog, we can exchange links, link, or links. Main purpose is to improve our position on search engines like google, yahoo etc.. With the increase in rank in our blog search engine, visitors to our blog will also be many more. In addition, ruang link can also improve the relationship between bloggers.

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